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Dutch football league lists

Midfield Dynamo's Dutch football league lists and articles.

Bundesliga Brits

A list of British football players who've played in the German leagues.

The Rossoneri, Giallorossi, Bianconeri... Italian Club's Colour Nicknames

The Rossoneri, Giallorossi, Bianconeri... Italian football club's colour nicknames explained.

The New Maradona

A list of the young upcoming Argentinian footballers who were tagged as 'the New Maradona' during the early days of their career.

Top 10 Ron Managers

Top 10 football managers called Ron.

Top 10 Welsh Football Matches

A list of the top 10 football matches involving the Welsh national team and league clubs.

10 Classic Alex Ferguson Quotes

Top 10 Alex Ferguson quotes.

The Best Names

List of the funniest football player names.

More Soccer Slang

A list of football terms and phrases.

FA Cup Round 3 Shocks

Top 10 FAC Cup 3rd Round Shocks.

Player Profile : Bernd Schuster

A pre-Christmas treat for all our readers - a profile on the great German playmaker Bernd Schuster.

Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or Award

Cristiano Ronaldo has won FIFA's Ballon d'Or award for the 3rd time in 4 years. Check out the details of the award and see who else has won it.


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  Steve Sherwood's Soccer Slang
 Classic schoolyard terms and punditry.
  The 3pm Boys
 All the gossip from Larry and Kenny.
Top Spots
  Top Spots !
 Who's been seen out and about this month?


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