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20 Things You Always See or Hear at Sunday Morning Football

A list of 20 things you will probably see or hear at a Sunday morning football match.

The Clubs...

Midfield Dynamo's guide to all things football club related.

More Top Football Club Names...

More new additions to our list of the strangest and funniest club names in the world of football.

The Best Ever Football Transfers

We've added a few more entries to the best transfers in football.

British Transfer Milestones

Transfer milestones from over the years featuring British players and clubs.

The Over-rated

Midfield Dynamo's list of overrated footballers.

More of the Best Player Names, Ever !

Another update of our list of the best player names in the world of football.

Italian football league lists

Midfield Dynamo's Italian football league lists and articles.

The Next Zinedine Zidane

A list of the young French footballers who were tagged as 'the Next Zinedine Zidane' during the early days of their career.

The 'If Only' Transfers

We've added a few more entries to the 'if only' transfers in football.

Fancy That ! 10 things you never knew about the Members Cup

10 surprising facts about the Members Cup.


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  Top Spots !
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