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More of the Best Player Names, Ever !

Another update of our list of the best player names in the world of football.

Bundesliga Brits

A list of British football players who've played in the German leagues.

The New Maradona

A list of the young upcoming Argentinian footballers who were tagged as 'the New Maradona' during the early days of their career.

More Top Football Club Names...

More new additions to our list of the strangest and funniest club names in the world of football.

The Most Bizarre Transfers in Football

Transfer embargo's, winding-up orders, refusing to deal with Champions League rivals... all part of the stories behind some of football's most bizarre transfers. And we've added another entry to the list...

Cult football classics lists

Cult football classics lists.

USA League Lists

Midfield Dynamo's USA football league lists and articles.

Top 10 Club Nicknames (British)

Forget dull club nicknames like 'the Blues' and 'the Reds', check out some of Britain's more interesting ones...

The 'If Only' Transfers

We've added a few more entries to the 'if only' transfers in football.

Surprising Footballer Facts

A list of surprising facts about footballers.

More Great Football Quotes

Our favourite quotes from the world of football.


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